Kiteye Campsite Rules and Information

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Under no circumstances should anyone climb any of the trees.
  • Trees – Under no circumstances should trees be cut down without express permission of the Site Warden.
  • Facilities should not be vandalised in any way. Wood surrounding the shooting range must not be used as fire wood. Seating around the camp fire should not be removed.
  • Under no circumstances should anyone enter the Conservation Pond area without proper authorisation.
  • Chainsaws are not permitted

Cars and vehicles

  • Vehicles may be driven onto the main camp field only in an emergency.
  • Unloading or loading of equipment is only available via track to Main Camp Building.
  • Under no circumstances may vehicles remain on the main camping arena or block the main track for the duration of a camp.


  • Campers may use the toilet block but must ensure this is clean and tidy at the end of a camp.
  • If Campers are providing their own toilet facilities with chemical agents for latrines these should be emptied in the tank adjacent to the toilet block.
  • Under no circumstances should toilet waste be buried.


  • All rubbish must be removed from the camp site upon leaving.
  • All activity structures e.g. Bivvi’s, “A” frames etc to be dismantled and cleared after use.


  • Will all campers please make sure their campsite is left clean and tidy, with no rubbish anywhere, and any borrowed equipment is returned to where it came from in the same condition it was received.
  • Any damages should be reported at the first opportunity to the Site Warden


  • Camp fires are only permitted on the camp fire concrete square. All fires must be out by 11pm.
  • Portable altar fires* are available upon request. Lighting fires on grass, and turfing, is not allowed.

Fires may only be undertaken as follows:

  • Within a Scout Groups own site, preferably on a raised fire bed.
  • On the main Camp Fire Square – if you do not know where this is please ask.
  • On the Camp Fire raised bed in the clearing to the left side of the where the main building was sited (facing the foundation from the main arena)
  • On Altar Fires but only on the main track. They may not be undertaken anywhere on the grassed arena.

Under no circumstances may fires be lit around the old Oak tree off the main arena


  • Dogs are not permitted on site unless under strict supervision. The owner must clean up any mess. We reserve the right to ask owners to remove animals at any stage.

Camp Fees*

  • Site Fee: £2.50 per night per person (min £25) – Cheques payable to Senlac District Scout Council. Please arrange to pay your account prior to camping.

Shooting Range*

  • The shooting range can be hired by non Senlac Scout Groups at a cost of £10 per hour with your own instructors who must provide a copy of their NSRA license. “Caution” notices for other Kiteye users must be displayed.
  • Any Senlac Scout Groups using the range MAY ONLY do so under the instruction/supervision of a current licensed NSRA instructor
  • Any Senlac Scout Groups using the range MUST ensure “caution” notices are displayed for other Kiteye users.


  • Any accidents needing medical attention must be advised to ???? tel:???? ???????
  • The nearest medical centre is: Sidley Surgery, Turkey Road, Bexhill on Sea. T/N 08444 778577
  • The nearest A&E is: Conquest Hospital,The Ridge, St. Leonard’s-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN37 7RD. Tel: (01424) 755255.

*Available without charge to Senlac District Scout Groups.